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    To check if your tap will be compatible with the product, you may follow a simple 4-step process as given below: 1. Locate the aerator at the outlet/mouth of your tap; 2. Remove the aerator by rotating counter-clockwise. Use a spanner if required; 3. Check the diameter of the aerator with a ruler or scale; 4. Check if the aerator has male (threads on outside) or female (threads on inside) threads; 5. Choose the right aerator adapter for your tap

    Cleo shower and tap filter reduces hair fall, protects skin and removes bad odours. Gives you a clean and healthy shower experience

    Made in India, for India. With unique 4-layer filter with KDF technology and nano silver carbon. Reduces chlorine, effects of hard water and removes impurities. Note: Cleo is not designed to reduce TDS/hardness value. Contact_us on : [ 8088-033-033 ]

    Gree self-installation kit. Fits all 1/2" standard wall shower heads, hand-held showers and taps with 24mm aerators. 22mm and 28mm, Contact_us on : [ 8088-033-033 ] for help with installation

    Long cartridge life of 25,000 litres or upto 6 months (actual life depends on usage and water quality)

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