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    Losing Hair? We have only tried and changed our hair and skin care products. But, what good are your shampoos and conditioners, when the water itself is bad? Chlorine and hard water salts in your water are among the most common causes of hair fall, dry skin and a range of other dermatological conditions. The solution is to filter out harmful contaminants, before they reach your body. With its unique 4 layer filtering system, the CLEO Shower filter fights chlorine and hard water salts to give a clean and healthy shower. CLEO uses patented KDF technology from KDF Fluid Treatment Inc., USA, to eliminate upto 95% chlorine in your water. Effects of hard water salts are reduced by a proprietary combination of Zeolites and hardness dispersal media. With our free Do-it-Yourself installation kit, you can fit your CLEO to your standard wall shower, hand-held shower or even bath tap. Please note that the CLEO is NOT designed to reduce TDS or turbidity (coloured / cloudy water). It converts harmful contaminants to harmless forms - so the TDS number may not come down drastically. If you are worried about high TDS or cloudy water, kindly contact_us on: [ 8088 033 033 ] or in before ordering the product. We will help determine whether the CLEO is the right product for you.

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