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Rainy VERTICAL FL V-Wire Screen


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  • Suitable up to ground area : 1 to 8acres

    Minimum/Maximum Intensity of rainfall : 12.5MM to 75MM per hour

    Working Principle : Gravitational Water column Pressure

    Operating Pressure : 0.05Kg/cm2to0.6kg/cm2

    Percolation capacity : 25,000 liters to 50,000 Liters/Day (minimum)

    Filter Unit for Injection well : SS 304 V-Wire Screen

    Slot Size : 0.75MM

    Discharge capacity of V Wire : 5 To 20 LPS

    Percolator Pipe : 140MM per forated Holes at 30MM Intervals HDPE pipe with 8MM Spirally

    Diameter of the Injection Well : 1350MM to 2100MM

    Depth of the Injection well : 5 to 6MTRS

    Diameter of the Recharging bore : 225MM

    Depth of the Recharging Bore : 20 to 60MTRS depending permeable layer

    Diameter of the SILT Trap unit : 1000 to 1350MM

    Depth of Silt Trap unit : 1to2 MTRS

    Diameter of Filter Unit for silt Trap Unit : SS-304 Horizontal Mount- 150 to 200MM- Slot Size:3 mm

  • Additional Information

    Specialized Silt Trap of the Non-Clogging SS 304 Food Graded Material, ‘V’ Wire Screen Filter Placed at Vertical Angle.

    In Farmland ‘V’ wire Technology, inside the silt trap unit, sufficient volume of space is created in the form of Reinforced concrete rings filled with filtration media at the bottom which allows for the dirt and debris to remain at the bottom and allow clean water to pass through the horizontally placed V wire screen mesh leading to the Injection well.

    In FLRWH S ‘V’ wire Technology the depth of Recharge point varies from a minimum of 20 meters and may go up to 60 meters depending on the geomorphic characteristics of the soil profile. Because of this depth in recharging; the water gets self purified and reduces the salinity, hardness and fluoride contents

    Whereas in FL RWHS ‘V’ Wire technology; 20% of space uses high quality filtration media at the top and 80% space is earmarked to store the runoff water. This enables the system to hold large quantities of runoff rainwater to be held within the system and secondly this large volume of water column exerts an additional water pressure discharging large amounts of water into the deeper layers of the earth aquifer.

    FLRWHS technology employs the scientifically tested electrical conductivity test to accurately determine the most favorable points for the quick release of rainwater into the deeper layers of permeable strata.

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