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Rainy HORIZONTAL FL V-Wire Screen

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Rainy HORIZONTAL FL V-Wire Screen

Price upon request

Suitable up to ground area : 1 to 8acres 

Minimum/Maximum Intensity of rainfall : 12.5MM to 75MM per hour 

Working Principle :  Gravitational Water column Pressure 

Operating Pressure : 0.05Kg/cm2to0.6kg/cm2 

Percolation capacity :  25,000 liters to 50,000 Liters/Day (minimum) 

Filter Unit for Injection well : SS 304 V-Wire Screen 

Slot  Size : 0.75MM 

Discharge capacity of  V Wire : 5 To 20 LPS 

Percolator Pipe : 140MM per forated Holes at 30MM Intervals HDPE pipe with 8MM Spirally 

Diameter of the Injection Well : 1350MM to 2100MM 

Depth of the Injection well : 5 to 6MTRS 

Diameter of the Recharging bore : 225MM 

Depth of the Recharging Bore : 20 to 60MTRS depending permeable layer 

Diameter of the SILT Trap unit :  1000 to 1350MM 

Depth of Silt Trap unit :  1to2 MTRS 

Diameter of Filter Unit for silt Trap Unit : SS-304 Horizontal Mount- 150 to 200MM- Slot Size:3 mm

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