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CLEO Cartridge

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CLEO Replacement Filter Cartridge

Price upon request

Replacement Cartridge (Refill) for all WaterScience CLEO Bath Filter Models - Fits CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter, CLEO SFW-815 Shower Filter.

Reduces Chlorine, effects of Hard Water, filters Impurities and removes Bad Smell. If water hardness in your area is very high, please buy the High Hardness variant.

Long Cartridge Life of 25,000 litres (Upto 6 months for a family of 2). Actual life will depend on Usage and Water Quality.

CLEO Bath Filters help reduce Hair fall, protect Skin & prevent Bacteria. Clean, healthy Water for Improved Hair & Skin

90-days Manufacturer Warranty. Call WaterScience Toll-Free 8088 033 033 for more info.

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